Looking for a Sod Ottawa specialist to install your sod for a beautiful lawn? Trust the local sod experts at Sod Ottawa to give you a quick, reliable and professional service. With high quality sod fresh from the farm, you can be sure to have lush green grass in the end.

Desiring a gorgeous lawn by the time BBQ season comes around? Or perhaps you want to take up the relaxing and fulfilling hobby of gardening this year, and having an exquisite lawn will add to the appeal. Installing your sod at the right time is important to get the grass to a good start. Since rain and cool temperatures make it for the ideal environment to help sod quickly root into the ground, spring is one of the best seasons to lay and plant it.

At Sod Ottawa, our fully licensed, bonded and insured sod installation experts will place your sod in the correct manner so that your sod will be rooted well in the ground. They will stagger the strips in a brick pattern to ensure top aesthetics for your lawn. They will also make sure to eliminate any air pockets to provide you with the best sod installation you can possibly have. Serving Ottawa for over 20 years with high quality sod fresh from the farm, you can be sure that you will have honest and reliable sod installation services.

Imagine having that lush green lawn for you to impress your friends and family at your next BBQ. Imagine how beautiful your garden will look with a full lawn, without any gaps or yellow patches, to accompany your wonderful handiwork in your garden. Imagine feeling the fresh grass in between your toes as your run around with your kids on a fun summer day.

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