What is Sod?

Sod (turf) is a surface layer of ground containing a mat of grass and soil beneath it held together by the roots. Benefits to sod are to help establish a lawn quickly and avoid soil erosion.

Why Sod?

Seed tend to be blown about by the wind, eaten by birds, or fail because of drought. It takes considerable amounts of time to form a visually appealing lawn, and even more time before it is robust enough for use.
Sod largely avoids these problems, and with proper care, newly laid sod is usually fully functional within 30 days of installation and its root system is comparable to that of a seeding lawn two or three years older. Also, sod lawns typically require less work to maintain. This is because it’s healthy when installed, whereas a seeded lawn requires more maintenance and years of nurturing to reach maturity. Sod reduces erosion by stabilizing the soil in these types of areas.

Types of Sod (Grass)

We use premium blend (mix) of Rye Grass, Kentucky Bluegrass, and Chewing Fescue. Rye grass is the quick germinating (easiest o grow) type, Kentucky Bluegrass is good in the sun as it gives off a vibrant colour, and Chewing Fescue is for the shade. This is the best mix for Ottawa homes and lawns around Ottawa, Ontario.