Sod Lawn Installation Services Guide

  1. Meet With your Sod Ottawa Specialist for Your Free quote.

    Every lawn is unique so it is important to get the proper advice from an expert. A Sod ottawa specialist with look at your lawn, take the proper measurements and pictures to provide you with an exact quote for your specific project. The quote is emailed to you within 48 Hours (two days) and is part of 100% transparent pricing guarantee.

  2. Prepare area for a Sod Installation.

    We use specialized machinery to remove the existing lawn. Application of a commercial sod cutter will remove the top 2inches of soil, weeds and grass. Your old grass is then taken to a large garbage container called a “Roll-Off” to be removed and disposed of. We then make sure your lawn is free from grub infestations. We then coordinate the delivery of multiple Cubic Yards of topsoil and Sod Pallets. The topsoil is dropped on the prepared area or on a tarp on the driveway to keep your property clean.

  3. Professional Sod Lawn Topsoil Application.

    The new topsoil is where your lawn will obtain its nutrients. We deliver a high quality topsoil mix of screened peat, topsoil and mushroom compost with a PH of between 6 and 7.3 This is the ideal balance of nutrients and drainage that will allow the roots to grow deeper, have thicker roots which leads to healthier greener grass. The Topsoil is then graded to minimize the bumps and provide proper drainage on sloped areas. Finally Sod ottawa applies a free application of Starter fertilizer to help give the sod lawn installation the expert boost it needs.

  4. Deliver and lay the sod.

    The Sod Pallets are dropped near the area on large skids by a local Ottawa sod supplier. We always install sod the day it is delivered to the property. It is crucial to complete a Sod Installation in one day as sod left out in the sun will wither and die. When it is time to lay the sod we install each piece by hand following a ‘brick-wall’ pattern. This is done to stagger the edges of the sod to prevent it from slipping and make it more aesthetically please. This sod installation technique ensures that the sod has good contact with soil and all edges of the sod are rolled properly to prevent browning.

  5. Gift and Setup of your New Sprinkler

    As a complementary free service we will give you a free sprinkler and set it up for you. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to have a lush green lawn. The #1 cause of a dead sod lawn is lack of water. We take a lot of pride in our work and want you to be extremely satisfied with the end product. If you require a more complex sprinkler system please ask a Sod Ottawa specialist to discuss your options. We will setup your hose and sprinkler system to make your life easier and to help you love you lawn in less than 10 minutes a day!

After Your Sodding Company installs Sod, Ask for your Watering and Fertilization Schedule

When the sod job is finished, we will provide you with a the Sod Ottawa checklist for watering and fertilizing your new sod lawn. This is a quickstart guide to keep your new sod lawn looking amazing for years after. This is designed specifically for you, the homeowner to have the proper information and power to have control over your lawn, landscape, and life – Or atleast help it stay rich and green.

Top Landscape Tips When Laying Sod (Ottawa Do It Yourself Sod Installation Guide)

I would recommend using an sod company and speaking with a sod lawn care or sodding expert, and of course I would love your business.

But, If you would like to do it yourself here is some of my tips.
Cheers to Your Success!

  • Make sure to get the right Topsoil from a reputable local supplier. Order Lawn topsoil, not garden soil. The darker the soil, the richer the nutrients.
  • Create a border to ensure lawn boundaries are straight. If you need to customize edges use an sharp knife and cut from the bottom (brown roots) not from the top (Grass)
  • After creating a border, work from the border and start installing the sod by staggering the alternating rows to prevent wash out and facilitate growth.
  • Make sure the seams are connected.
  • If you are laying sod on a hill, place the sod horizontally along the slope to prevent washouts.
  • After the sod is installed, water the lawn for a full half an hour, until the soil is soft enough for you to press your finger into the earth.
  • Continue to water the sod daily for the first four weeks for half an hour a day while it is rooting.
  • Also, avoid cutting the lawn until the roots are established. Usually, this takes two weeks
  • To be safe, though, the first time you cut the lawn, keep the mower blade a little higher than normal.
  • Remember to Water Daily for the first Four Weeks!

Your beautiful new sod lawn will be ready to enjoy in two to three weeks.