5 Insider Secrets To A Beautiful Lawn

Secret #1 Sod Lawn: What Sodding Services can do for you…

Sod lawns have all the perks of a seeded lawn in less time. Seeding takes time and energy needing years of nurturing. A Sod lawn is a better alternative as it is used to establish a lawn quickly so you can spend your time on the important things in life knowing that your lawn is taken care of.

Top 5 Benefits:

  • Sod lawn comes as mature grass, meaning less maintenance than seeding.
  • A safe surface for lawn games and family outdoor living.
  • Creates an attractive lawn, increasing your home value.
  • Comes weed free.
  • Can be planted on an incline, without worrying about seeds or soil shifting.

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Our sod is a premium blend of Kentucky Blue, Chewing Fescue and Rye grass. We use a premium blend of grass that is native to the area and environment. This means it is established quicker, lives longer and is less susceptible to disease and overall less maintenance.

Creating a beautiful lawn can be hassle free, sign up now for a free quote for your new lawn and let a Sod Ottawa property specialist solve your lawn problems. When your new lawn is installed we give you for free a new sprinkler as our gift to you.